September Is National Preparedness Month

Dated: 09/08/2017

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There is no better time than the present to talk about how to plan for an emergency. Whether it is a hurricane, tornado or anything else posing a threat to you and loved ones, a plan can save you heartache.

I know it may not be easy talking about how to prepare for an emergency. Keep in mind, panic makes you react in ways that you normally would not and potentially complicate your situation further.  Staying calm can be a lifesaver.

Here are some things to consider:

  • What is your emergency plan?

  • Do you have a ready list of emergency phone numbers and contacts?

  • Is there an emergency kit prepared in your home?

  • Are you aware of an evacuation route, if one becomes mandatory?

  • Are you set up to receive warnings and alerts on your smartphone?

  • Do you have a surplus of medications?

  • Is there a plan for your pets?

  • How to do stay updated with school closings?

There are many great resources to look into. Here are just a few:

Stay up to date with local announcements from the South Carolina Emergency Management Division by going to their website or following them on social media:

Twitter @scemd

Facebook @scemd

You can also download the American Red Cross App onto your Smartphone at no cost.

While there are many helpful resources at your fingertips in a digital format, if the power goes out or your phone battery dies you still have one powerful tool. Common sense. If something doesn’t feel right in an emergency, use your common sense.

Shameless plug for our out-of-town visitors:

If you have had to evacuate and find yourself in the Greenville area let us know. We would love to show you the way home in the Upstate.

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